Booty Heroes

Booty Heroes

Set forth on a grand journey to rescue the realm of the One World from the depths of despair! Demonstrate your worthiness as the rightful Chosen One, uncovering clandestine enigmas and amassing precious resources to bolster your band of alluring and audacious heroines. Armed not only with formidable powers to vanquish adversaries but also with a mesmerizing charm and ample assets, they enchant even the fiercest foes. Prepare for an enthralling idle RPG escapade brimming with thrills, mysteries, wit, and sensual delights. Can you reignite the flames of delight and restore the One World to its former glory?


In the realm known as the United World, a distressing event has unfolded. The Goddess of Love, who once reigned over this land, has mysteriously vanished. With her disappearance, the essence of pleasure and desire has also faded away. The consequences of this unfortunate occurrence are far-reaching, as tension and animosity now grip the entire realm, fueling endless conflicts. In a world filled with enchantment and inhabited by captivating women, the threat of annihilation looms ominously. The pursuit of ecstasy and fulfillment drives the souls of all who reside here. It is now your responsibility to assist these alluring women, for you may hold the key to restoring their lost orgasms. With each puzzle solved and every hidden artifact discovered, you draw closer to your ultimate mission: to bring back the Goddess and revive the pleasure that once thrived in this world. The time has come to reignite the flames of pleasure and witness their vibrant resurgence. Let the journey commence! Try Booty Heroes today, an awesome RG


Embark on an exciting idle RPG adventure where you assemble a team of enchanting maidens to aid you in the quest to restore Amura’s former glory. Through each victorious battle, you will enhance your maidens and unlock new abilities to face the upcoming challenges. Acquire valuable essence, gold, spirit, artifacts, and experience points to outwit and overpower your foes. Dominate your opponents, and gear up for the ultimate test of strength and strategy, utilizing your magical prowess alongside your eager maidens. Compete against players worldwide, conquer the One World, and receive rewards from the insatiable maidens who eagerly await to thank you for bringing pleasure back!